La Nuit de Goa


A Night in Goa ¹
The Wind ²
Katmandu ²
Here comes the sun ³
Blowin' in the Wind
La Nuit de Goa ¹

¹ Magis Optis
² Cat Stevens
³ George Harrison
⁴ Bob Dylan
⁵ John Lennon

© Magis Optis, 2017.

A Night in Goa

And then the wind began to blow, the leaves began to swing.
I lost my balance, pushed aside by the blow.
Panaji my dear, under the falling raindrops
the water skin is shivering.
Once upon a time, I built my hut with woven leaves of palmtrees.
The breeze of the night was breathing very slightly.
Panaji Goa, they call me to join in!
Deep water stays still.

That very night shines so bright; the shore was washed by the sea,
but the path so hard, and the rocks so dark and sharp!
Walk upon them very carefully,
follow the ocean speaking.
The scent of some holy flowers inspired me and shut my eyes;
it led me to the place of Here and Now:
the peristyle stood there, above the beach,
the music and the night.

My back upon the pillar, I feel joy deepening,
time slowing down, then pausing finally.
Panaji Goa, you take me to the smoke
— the smoke ring on the sand.
This is the place where I'm staying, in this sublime breathing in,
in the magic of the fellows of the night.
Panaji my dear, your hand, your eyes caught me in.
And the wind suddenly stood still.

Arambol, nov.-dec. 1978.